Follow the bicycle routes on your smartphone

Follow the bicycle routes on your smartphone you can!

Explanations and quick overview of applications that you can track downloaded tracks on the site of é and locate about itineraries.
When you visit a course on the site, you can download the route of each stage in GPX format at the bottom of each card.

This allows you to follow the route of the route on your smartphone from a mapping application, either online or even offline for some of them.

How to follow a route on your smartphone?

Since your smartphone or tablet, download the route to the desired step by logging on the website.

Use applications to read plots .GPX

Find some applications that will allow you to view the course and identify you in real time on your smartphones and tablets!
We propose only specialized applications in the outdoor movement.

Choice of :

Online mapping

List of applications that require an internet connection to view the course.

Embedded Mapping (offline mode)

Application List offering offline operation, which requires download map fund upstream.