Cycling, wine and relaxation

In France, a third of tourists cite wine and gastronomy as a motivation in choosing a stay. France is the number one tourist destination in the world. Wine ? Here again we are the leader with 17 wine regions, 850,000 hectares of vines, 140,000 farms, and a reputation that goes beyond our borders.

And when it comes to wine tourism, Alsace is a master. It has made its vineyard a vast territory of discovery thanks to its famous wine route. Created in 1973, the Alsace wine route is the oldest in France and crosses Alsace from north to south for 170 kilometers passing through some 70 wine-growing villages, some of which are among the most beautiful villages in the region or even in France.

Taking our Alsace wine route means discovering our terroirs and regional landscapes, knocking on the door of the winegrowers, tasting and chatting, then leaving with a few bottles under your arm. This is what wine tourism in Alsace offers us.